Quite often, when customers think about storage and warehouse services, they wonder if their possessions will be in as good a condition when they are collected, as they were when initially stored - particularly if the storage period is over many years.

We can give a resounding 'YES' to this question. We have never had a customer take away damaged goods as a result of damp conditions or vermin.

Fears of a damp warehouse susceptible to storm and and heavy rain conditions can alarm a customer, every bit as much as damage caused by vermin; so we understand the need to reassure our customers that we have everything taken care of.

Our wooden storage containers provide safe and dry space for everything, including clothing. Our warehouse is a secure and climate controlled environment, and the roof and fabric of the building are in excellent condition. One of our long term customers has had their possessions stored with us since the late 1970's, and to date the goods are in exactly the same condition as when we first received them.

We welcome any customer to inspect our facilities prior to awarding us their storage business. We are confident we will exceed your expectations.